Tumbling classes

whether you are 5 or 15, we have classes for every age and skill level! All Classes only $75/month!

Tumbling is not just for cheerleading... Basic tumbling skills teach the body control and athleticism needed for everything from football to dance to stage acting. Build your skills AND your confidence at the same time!

Level 1/2 - Beginner to BackHandspring

Level 2/3 - Must have BackHandspring, working on Tucks

Level 3/4 - Must have Running Tuck, working on Layouts and Standing Tucks

Level 5 - Must have Layout and Standing Tuck, working on Fulls and higher

***See schedule for class times***

Half-Year All-Star Teams

get the All-star experience without the full year commitment and cost! See our half year packet under the documents tab for pricing and more details.

All-Star Cheerleading

join our award winning, USASF certified coaches for a winning season with the best All-Star gym in Myrtle beach! See our full year packet under the documents tab for pricing and more details.


Free Trial Class offer!

Whether it's cheerleading, tumbling, or just staying healthy, we'll be your partner every step (or plank or push-up) of the way. Contact us for information and your free trial class!